Diminish the Digital Divide

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thinking about technology as a living, thinking, cognitive companion. This is brought more into context with the special that Carol posted in the forum on June 19th. 
In the program, “Digital_Nation Life on the Virtual Frontier: Distracted by Everything,” professors at MIT discuss the “problem” of multi-tasking that is made possible with digital technology and search engines, but on [this] tumblr I’m talking about digital media in evolutionary terms. Technology may be in a state of evolution, but it will continue to become more sophisticated, more capable of mimicking human behavior. Is technology a competing predator fighting to stay alive? It is important we ask ourselves such questions to figure out what technology is beneficial and what isn’t. So I think and hope that the more digitally literate person can both focus and filter through the multitude of distraction(s) provided by digital technology. Hopefully the digitally literate person can use it in companionate ways, but they are not dependent or wanting to always be connected… Personally, I find the idea of living a life in a digital reality intriguing. However, I don’t think living in the matrix would be a good substitute for a “real” human life, but it could be a way of brining “life” into the digital dimension. Thoughts for more research are welcome.

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Imagine enduring #Hurricane Sandy without #Internet access. 20% of Americans don’t have Internet. Watch:

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Beyond the Digital Divide: Bridging the Generational Gap for a More Productive Workplace (by Riley Szulc)